The department of Commerce was established in 1981. To facilitate Commerce Education at the UG Level with Core Subjects.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To educate the Youth in Commerce, Industry and Trade
  2. To create Accessibility among students to National and International Job opportunities.
  3. To motivate students for Self Employment and Entrepreneurship.
  4. To enable the Youth to venture into industry and motivate them to lay emphasis on Small Scale and Big Industries
  5. To prepare students for Higher Studies, Professional and Management Courses.
  6. To develop Business Leadership Qualities among students.
  7. To motivate the students to utilize and mobilize local resources for the development of Trade and Industry.
  8. To develop healthy competitiveness.

Our Staff

Prof. Chandrakanth V

Prof. Chandrakanth V Bhalke

HOD/Associate Professor
Prof.Baburao M

Prof.Baburao M Biradar

Associate Professor

Prof.Somnath Patil

Associate Professor